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Allow the team at Alain Assembly to create your beautiful, comfortable home or office space through our professional flatpack assembly and installation services.

home flat pack assembly service
Office flat pack assembly service
Outdoor Chairs flat pack assembly service

As a homeowner, you want a beautiful home with amazing furniture customized to your living space. However, it can be a challenge to assemble flatpack furniture, and all required components, without professional assistance. Let our team handle the assembly of your flatpack furniture throughout your home, with our professional tools and equipment guaranteed to provide a custom fit within any room dimensions. We will ensure that all sliding doors, hinges, and frames are custom cut to provide a seamless, functional assembly. Perhaps you have a unique or challenging space, such as a sloped ceiling closet or tight door frames. Not to worry, our custom fitting experts will ensure that each piece of flatpack furniture is seamlessly integrated into your existing footprint and framework to create a durable and customized installation.

We specialize in IKEA customized furniture assembly and installation, including the PAX wardrobe system, IKEA custom closets, and IKEA bed surround storage, as well as all other flatpack furniture or household items. We will take any flatpack furniture for your bedroom, bathroom, closet, or any other room of your home, and turn it into the beautiful, functional furniture or storage solution of your dreams.

Our team can also unpack and assemble large items such as trampolines, bicycles, or other flatpack items that can be a struggle for homeowners to assemble without assistance.

Are you looking to refresh your office environment with new flatpack furniture, but simply don’t have the time available for unpacking, assembly, and installation? Our team of flatpack furniture assembly experts will create the customized office furniture and storage solutions that you need for a fully functional and inviting office space. Our team will provide you with the luxurious look of custom-fit office furniture without the expense or disruption that contract work or custom furniture carpentry requires.

Our team understands that each commercial project is unique and requires a custom solution. In any office location, we can disassemble outdated prior landlord furniture and replace it with customized flatpack furniture, assembled and installed for a professional look and a functional office flow. Whether you need lobby furniture, desk units, or storage solutions, our team is ready to offer you a cost-effective, efficient, and stress-free way to update your existing office environment.

Our team will always adhere to your budget constraints and schedule of completion, to ensure minimal disruption to your commercial project or office environment.

Your home garden area should be one of the most inviting spaces within your home, providing a comfortable seating and dining area for friends, family, and other guests. Whether you need a small, lightweight aluminum café table assembled, or a full outside living space featuring a full-length dining table, lounge furniture, and firepit seating, our team of assembly experts will provide the best service at the best price. We will ensure all furniture is assembled and installed to provide a durable solution against inclement weather and other natural elements.

When you need assembly of a variety of patio garden seating options and outdoor storage solutions, including the popular IKEA APPLARO line, our team will assemble flatpack furniture of any size, dimension, or material. We have experience in assembling wood, rattan, bamboo, and many other outdoor-friendly furniture materials, to fit within any style or functional preference.

If you need additional storage in your outdoor area, we can also assemble garden sheds of any shape and size, working within the dimensions of your existing landscaping to provide a customized, durable outdoor storage space. Let our team turn your backyard or outdoor patio space into an inviting, fully functional, and comfortable retreat.

dismantling flat pack assembly service
ikea flat pack assembly service

The team at Alain Assembly not only offers expert assembly and installation services, but we can dismantle and disassemble your existing flatpack furniture seamlessly, with no damage. You may need furniture relocated during a home renovation or remodel, or you may simply want your furniture moved to make room for new furniture. We will reassemble it in another room of your home, per your instructions, so that it will look perfect in its new custom space.

We specialize in disassembling IKEA furniture, including the customized PAX wardrobe system, and will measure and ensure a custom fit of your IKEA PAX furniture dimensions. Our team knows how to remove IKEA PAX cabinet doors, sliding doors, and wardrobe door hinges, with no damage, and reinstall them in the wardrobe system’s new location. We will take apart your existing PAX customizable wardrobe, and reassemble and install it with regard to new space limitations. Our team will adjust your reassembled furniture as necessary to account for depth dimensions or height restrictions, ensuring a seamless transition and a custom fit. For the best in furniture disassembly service, call us today.

When you purchase a product or piece of furniture from IKEA that needs full assembly, most people don’t know where to begin, as it can be quite tricky (and time-consuming) without professional assistance. Allow the team at Alain Assembly to assemble your product to the exact instructions and specifications, using our professional tools and equipment to create a durable, customized addition to your home or office space that will provide enjoyment for years to come.

We specialize in skilled IKEA flatpack furniture assembly, including the PAX wardrobe system, with wardrobe sliding doors and door panels, MALM bedroom furniture and chests of drawers, and the FRIHETEN sleeper sectional with surrounding storage, to name a few. The options are unlimited, and we have experience in assembling a wide variety of IKEA furniture products in a professional, reliable, and timely manner. We will handle all aspects of unpacking, assembly, and installation, including securing your IKEA furniture pieces to a wall as necessary, regardless of size or quantity.

For the best flatpack furniture assembly and installation services in the Greater London area, trust the team at Alain Assembly. We will assemble, install, and customize your flatpack furniture to reveal beautiful, durable, home or office furniture to provide lasting quality for many years.

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