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The Complete Guide to Shopping at IKEA

Step into the enchanting world of IKEA, where innovation meets affordability and home decor dreams come true.

IKEA stores worldwide are renowned for their vast assortment of dynamic, hackable, and pocket-friendly furnishings that have captured the hearts of design enthusiasts everywhere.

From ingenious IKEA hacks that elevate standard offerings to an ever-evolving range of products spanning various styles and price points, there’s something in store for everyone.

The Complete Guide to Shopping at IKEA

Are you ready to begin a shopping journey at IKEA?

Whether you’re a fan of online retail therapy or prefer to immerse yourself in the physical store, IKEA caters to all, although we’ll always keep a hot dog ready for the in-store enthusiasts.

Exploring the IKEA

Stepping into an IKEA store for the first time can feel like entering a world of wonder and choices. With sprawling spaces, multiple floors, a tempting cafeteria, and a labyrinthine layout, the prospect might be overwhelming. But fear not! There’s a blueprint for mastering the art of IKEA shopping, and we’re here to guide you through it.

Before you set foot in the store, arm yourself with knowledge. Perusing the IKEA website in advance is like having a treasure map. Identify the showrooms and product categories you want to explore and remember to jot down your space’s measurements. Pro tip: IKEA’s online catalogue provides comprehensive product dimensions, but taking your measurements ensures a seamless fit.

Navigating the IKEA Wonderland: Your Arrival Game Plan

As you step inside, grab a few essentials that’ll transform your shopping escapade into a breeze:

1. The Treasure Map:

A store map is your compass through the maze of departments and corridors.

2. IKEA Notepad and Pencil:

Equip yourself with a trusty notepad and pencil to record item locations and order numbers. Snap a pic of item tags with your phone to simplify the post-shopping order process.

3. Shopping Arsenal:

Choose your weapons – an IKEA shopping bag, a cart, or both – to transport your newfound treasures.

4. Tape Measures Galore:

No need to bring your own – tape measures are on the house.

IKEA: The Four Realms

Welcome to the heart of the IKEA realm, divided into four distinct domains: the illustrious showroom, the eclectic marketplace, the self-serve warehouse, and the checkout utopia. And let’s remember the essential oases of the bathroom, the cafeteria, and the indoor playground for the little adventurers.

1. The Showroom Symphony:

Ascend to the top level and step into your adult playground – the showroom. Here, IKEA crafts vignettes that transport you to the heart of home settings. Whether you’re browsing or seeking inspiration, these galleries are your haven. Touch, feel, photograph, and measure to your heart’s content. Jot down or snap item tag details for easy retrieval later.

2. The Marketplace Marvels:

Your journey continues through the marketplace, a treasure trove of decor gems and kitchen wonders. From vases and pillows to curtains, artwork, and lighting, this is where you spice up your living spaces.

3. The Warehouse Wonderland:

Ready to claim your coveted items from the showroom? The self-serve warehouse is your destination. Equipped with item tag insights, you’ll breeze through the aisles, loading the furniture onto flatbed carts for a triumphant checkout finale.

4. Checkout Paradise:

The checkout is where dreams become reality. Pay for your treasures, but remember, some more oversized items might need a special rendezvous at the furniture pickup area post-checkout.

Cracking the Code: Mastering the Product Tag and Seeking Assistance

The product tag is your oracle of wisdom. Unveiling colours, materials, sizes, and prices, it also holds the key to the treasure’s location.

Remember the shelf number for warehouse collection or the pickup area intel for larger pieces. When in doubt, the IKEA salespeople are your allies. They’re stationed across the realms, easily found at information booths or the warehouse’s central desk.

Feasting and Frolicking: Immersive Dining and Child’s Play

Amidst your grand shopping expedition, fuel up at IKEA’s dining havens. The main cafeteria offers an array of treats, including the iconic Swedish meatballs. The bistro cafe satisfies on-the-go cravings, ideally situated near the checkout. And for parents, here’s a secret: kids can revel in Smaland, an oasis of play under adult supervision.

Additional Gems: Tips and Tricks

As you journey through IKEA’s enchanting universe, a few more gems await:

1. Join the IKEA Family: Become a member to unlock discounts and more.

2. Bag Your Bags: Carry your bags to checkout, or embrace the small fee for IKEA’s signature bags.

3. Treasures in “As-Is”: Don’t miss the “as-is” section near the checkout, a treasure trove awaiting a little TLC.

4. Kitchen Chronicles: Kitchen cabinetry needs a unique approach. Design your kitchen online, print your supply list, or use the store’s computer wizardry for planning. Then, head to the furniture pickup area for the final touch.


Congratulations! You’ve ventured through the captivating world of IKEA, armed with the ultimate guide to transform your shopping experience into a delightful journey. Adopt the innovation, relish the choices, and curate your dream home with IKEA’s affordable wonders – a treasure trove that never ceases to amaze.

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